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What to Expect in your First Dance Class


Knowing what to expect in your first dance lesson as an adult can be more daunting than people think. You fear you won't be wearing the right clothes or do the right thing, and no matter how many times everyone tells you, 'you'll be fine' you just can't seem to stop those nervous jitters in your stomach. Booking dance lessons online can be nerve-racking, but it's actually a huge benefit to you. You can email the teacher or studio and ask them all those burning questions you've got, because although the classes are made for beginners, sometimes it's easy for them to forget just how novice some of us are when booking a lesson!

Find out what you need to wear

Instead of panicking or googling or asking a friend, just call or email the studio and ask what you should wear. To avoid getting a generic - 'comfortable clothing that you can move in' - reply back, tell them what you are thinking of wearing, and ask them if that is the norm. These people are only human, be colloquial, tell them you are nervous, they've taught hundreds if not thousands of beginners before you and they've had these questions over and over again. It won't be new to them, no matter how new it is to you!

Read up about your chosen dance type

Don't take books and the internet for granted. YouTube is full of dance lesson videos, dance shows and basically people dancing. All you have to do is get watching. Watch a beginners tutorial, watch a bloopers reel, watch some professionals at a competition. Not only will this help you work out what to expect, but it will also inspire you. You'll remember why you signed up for this, and why it's going to be worth all the effort!

Familiarise yourself with the kind of music

Remember when we told you to ask the tutor or studio what to wear? Why don't you also ask them for a playlist or some recommendations to listen to to get yourself ready? Practice picking out the beats, and listen to the rhythm. The more familiar you are with the song in your head, the more quickly your body will respond to it as well.

Remember to have fun

Don't expect the first lesson is going to be full of successes. Prepare yourself for failure and don't take yourself too seriously. Remember if you are going to a beginners class, you'll be surrounded by people just like yourself. The first lesson will largely be about mastering basic posture, some simple steps and meeting the other people on your course or in your class. Remember that it's your experience and your journey so take it at your pace and most of all, enjoy yourself.