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The Terrarium Guide - Make Your Own Terrarium


To make a single terrarium, you'd have to source so many different things you may as well make a hundred of them. That's why terrarium classes are so brilliant because they provide everything for you, and all you go away with is your neat and tidy terrarium, ready to display, as well as the knowledge you'll need should you decide you'd like to make a hundred more.

These carefully chosen terrarium classes in London have been hand-picked by us at Team Obby to make sure you have the best time. These teachers are not only passionate and entertaining, but they teach from inspiring gorgeous locations.

Make a terrarium with The Botanical Boys

Make your own terrarium with Ben and Darren in their stunning studio in Dalston. Surround yourself with plants and, weather permitting, create your terrarium on their plant filled balcony. These guys are wonderful hosts, providing bubbly if you'd like it, or something a little softer if you don't. Darren and Ben focus their classes on the mindful benefits terrariums have, and also encourage you to create a dream world inside your jar. They provide little people, different coloured stones and other little nick naks you can hide in your terrarium for all the curious people sure to gaze into it.

Make a terrarium with Leafage

Leafage is a terrarium company started by the lovely Kay. Kay has a real attention to detail and eye for design, as that's what she does in her day to day job. As a graphic designer, Kay creates beautiful little extras as part of your terrarium experience. Expect a terrarium birth certificate and a beautifully chosen jars with cork lids, Kay's classes are always held in stunning locations to compliment her well put together classes.

Build a terrarium with Jar & Fern

Jar & Fern is the oldest terrarium company we have on site. These two have been in the field for a while, some could say they really started the trend. Will and Madeleine who head up this company now have their own leafy studio in Burgess Park. They teach regular terrarium classes, in all sort of different styles and jars that you can choose from. They guys are brilliant to learn from especially if you know you'd like to make more, as they are bursting with tips and tricks. Read our interview with Jar & Fern to find out a little more about them.

Make a terrarium at Grace and Thorn

This floristry giant teaches terrarium classes in their shops in East London. All the staff at Grace & Thorn are well acquainted with arranging plants, so terrariums come naturally to them. Their studios are incredible, surrounding with beautiful green plants. Grace & Thorn is a floristry shop dedicated to green plants, not flowers as much. It's a beautiful location to learn from, although they classes will make a bigger indent on your wallet.