Terrarium Classes in London: The Winners


    The Best Terrarium Classes in London

    Terrarium classes in London are taking up various pub's backrooms, gardening outside is becoming a thing of the past for the city that doesn't have gardens. The green-fingered population of London finally have an outlet thanks to these extraordinarily exciting little portable gardens in a jar.

    So what are terrariums? According to a terrarium is a sealable container, often kept as decorative ornaments, containing soil and plants. Essentially the act a miniature garden, with a self-sustainable eco-system. Will and Madeleine from Jar & Fern, one of London's most popular terrarium workshops said they dated back to Victorian times, and they produced their own rain cycle due to constant photosynthesis resulting in condensation and so on. Without delving too deep into high-school biology, it remains to be said that these wonderful indoor gardens are the perfect solution to London's lack-of-outdoor-space problem.


    It's safe to say, that the allure of terrarium classes aren't purely based on the idea of creating one of these beautiful green jars for your kitchen. London's terrariums workshops are taking place in lifestyle shops and trendy cafes. Places such as Grace & Thorn have opened floristry shops adorned with green and living plants, not just the usual cut flowers that previously dominated the decorative flowers trade.

    Grace & Thorn run terrarium workshops from their Brick Lane store on a Tuesday. We interviewed the founder, Nik Southern, of this beautiful floristry store recently. She started teaching these Terrarium workshops because of the unusual style of her store. People had given up growing indoor plants. It was a dying art, so Nik started teaching people how to care for indoor plants instead of just selling them.


    London Terrariums, do exactly what they say on the tin. They have recently opened London's first terrarium shop and studio at 106a New Cross Road. They hold workshops at various beautiful locations around London including Alexandra Palace Garden Centre and Neals Nurseries Garden Centre. Their workshops are so popular they sell out weeks in advance, which makes sense as they are the biggest name in the scene.

    So after discussing the big players on the scene, we turn our heads to the little guys, sticking to the Obby ethos to include everyone. There are various schools that have popped up in the shadow of the larger terrariums workshops, such as Succulence and Leafage. On Obby, we have a full range of all the best terrarium workshops in the city. It means that you can search by your area, scrolling through to find the one nearest you. Whether you are in the trendy east or in the leafy suburbs of Putney, terrarium workshops are overtaking cafes and pubs around the city. Which one will you choose?