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Oil Painting Classes


Oil painting classes are popular because it is unlike painting with other types of paint, you really have to master the techniques before you let your talent run away with your canvas. Oil painting can produce incredible effects. Oil painting is messy, it stains and it's quite tricky to work with but when it's rewards pay off you'll be left with a stunning professional piece of work as well as a sense of accomplishment. The one thing with oil paint, if you've never used it before, or you only dabbled in at school, you'll most likely need a refresher before picking up the brush and palette and going at a canvas. There are some incredible methods and tips and tricks to working with oil paint that can make an enormous difference to your painting.

Oil Painting Course with Richmond School of Painting

This 11-week course is perfect for beginners but it's also suitable for more experienced painters and drawers.

This course will build your confidence and skill in drawing and painting from observation. We will look at the building blocks of drawing, exploring line, tone, and texture. You will learn how to use a viewfinder and discuss ideas behind composition as well as experimenting with pencils and charcoal. You'll eventually progress to basic oil painting: monochrome, colour theory and mixing and develop further with an individual project.

This course includes mainly drawing from still life but does include two sessions with a life model. By the end of this course, you'll have not only the ability but the confidence to start your own projects in your own time and space.

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Introduction to Oil Painting

These individual classes with Allan Storer are perfect whatever stage you are at. They run on a Tuesday and a Sunday. Sunday classes are a lively experience of around twelve students. There's a friendly and focused atmosphere where everyone wants to learn. The Tuesday classes are smaller with a maximum number of four students, so you can get one-on-one tuition.

Sunday classes in Kingston are a lively experience of about twelve, friendly and focused where everyone wants to learn whilst Allan's Weekday Studio classes are smaller and more intimate with a maximum number of four ensuring almost personal tuition for attendees. If you attend as a complete beginner, Allan will supply what you need to practice, experiment with greyscale painting and become familiar with the feel of oil paint. If you've painted before or attended the class before, feel free to bring your own canvas and get going on a project with professional help. This is a great informal option for people who really want to finish a canvas but don't know how to start. The classes are £25 and happen twice a week, so you can attend as many or as little classes as you'd like, depending on how much help you think you need.

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