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Obby Projects: Make An Everlasting Floral Display


Make an everlasting floral display

Natasha, the founder of Ferris Heart Sloane floristry company has written this step-by-guide on how to create your own artificial flower display. Natasha has teamed up with Jessica Rose to teach flower crown workshops like no other. Flower crown making is simple, fun and will leave you with something you can keep forever. You can book a workshop with Jessica and Natasha through Obby.

Whether you want to create a seasonal Autumnal or Christmas crown or one for a special event, think wedding, festival or party, there are a wide range of artificial flowers and greenery on hand for you to select from.

Love flowers? Why not make an arrangement from artificial blooms. Flower arranging is a great way to get crafty and make something special for your home or someone else’s using all the flowers you love. Not only is it fun, but it is a great way to learn something new and get creative on your own or with friends – we couldn’t recommend it enough! So, how do you get started? Well, here are a few beginner’s tips for you.

1. Pick Your Flowers

Using artificial flowers means you’re not restricted by colour, season or scale as they come in so many varieties. You can choose peonies in the middle of winter and create an arrangement that you will have forever. The arrangement can complement or clash with your colour scheme and really reflect the personality of the maker.

Choose a variety of flower sizes and a few different foliages, this will add texture and interest to your design.

If you’re not au fait with your flowers we can help get you started. If we don’t have what you are looking for please ask as we love a bespoke challenge.

2. Prepare Your Flower Arranging Toolkit

Working with artificial blooms is more of a craft project than arranging with fresh blooms so you can use a vast array of tools but these are items we find useful.

  • Wire cutters or old secateurs
  • Floral tape or wire can be very useful
  • Depending on the arrangement you are going to make, dried flower foam can provide an excellent base.
  • Glue gun, the favourite of crafters everywhere.

3.Prep your Flowers

The stems of your flowers may need trimming down to fit your chosen vessel, use your wire cutters to do this. If you are arranging your blooms in a vase then simply start placing them in until you get the effect you are after. Please make sure to keep space within your arrangement to get a really loose and natural look, this will avoid the arrangement looking too compact.

If your vase is clear then neatly binding the stems together with floral tape or wire will neaten the look.

4. Place your Flowers

Now that the hard work has been done, it’s time to place your arrangement in a holder. You don’t have to go for the usual vase, you could go for something recyclable or even old biscuit tins if you want to go for a more vintage look – it’s up to you!