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A Look at Macrame Classes with a Modern Twist in London


Macrame classes in London, are the latest trend. After typing in #macrame on Instagram, it's easy to see why. The results are beautiful and the 1970's vibe, is very on point at the moment. Although the results are wonderful, the skill itself is a relatively easy one to pick up, meaning it's perfect for beginners and it's like riding a bike. You don't forget how to do it. We had a look into what (or who) started the modern macrame trend, and who the best teachers in London are, to find the perfect macrame class for you!

Modern Macrame is a company started by the Queen of Macrame, Emily Katz. Her Instagram captivated the world, and curiosity led the way to macramé becoming a huge trend again. It’s not all down to this incredibly talented woman, however. Macrame itself, as a form of craft, is beautiful and it speaks for itself. A 1970’s fashion that Katz told The Guardian has the fact that it is “handmade and natural” to thank for its desirable favour.


Having said to be a relatively easy craft, based on whimsical creativity rather than precision, macrame is the perfect craft to take up whether you are a beginner or an experienced creator. The art is based on tying knots, in beautiful patterns. It’s fussy to initially get the hang of, but once you’ve mastered the art, you can, pretty much, make anything you want. You’ve seen it everywhere, Urban Outfitters is selling wall hangings and everyone seems to be posting macrame plant hangers on their Instagram. It’s time to learn to make your own. So, here can you attend them in London? Luckily, for those of you that want to fill your home with these stunning creations, there are loads of macrame classes available in London for you to get the hang of it!

Well-known crafty blogger, Hannah from Couture Craft went on a Modern Macrame class with Obby at The Village Haberdashery and she wrote a blog post about her day which is well worth a look at. The Village Haberdashery is a wonderful studio in West Hampstead, London. It is initially a craft supplies shop, but on a regular basis, they run creative classes on various different topics, using experts from the field. The modern macramé class is hosted by Susana, whose Instagram just has to be seen (head to @tentliving) on Instagram to have a nosey into her perfectly curated life. She's been teaching macrame classes for ages and now she's doing them in London! Our prayers have been answered.


If you’re on a tighter budget though, London Craft Club also hosts a modern macrame wall hanging class. They use recycled jersey yarn by Hoooked, whose yarn is to die for, and they provide you with your own foraged stick to get that authentic look, without having to head to Hyde Park to find fallen twigs. These classes are always ongoing on Obby, as we work with London Craft Club exclusively. They are a brilliant craft school, run by Sonia Bownes, one of the cities most well-known crafters. Their teachers are again curated from the talent pool that is London and are the crème de la crème of crafters. Their classes range from modern macramé to arm knitting and they are all suitable for beginners or the more experienced. They also run a fortnightly craft night that you can attend for free, and take your current crafty projects, to get professional guidance and meet other like-minded people. There’s a whole community out there, just waiting for you to join in.

However, if macrame looks a little fiddly, or you don’t like following the crowd, then we’ve also got the perfect class for you. These adjustable plant hangers are made with multi-coloured paracord and cork balls. The cord is originally designed for parachutes, so no matter how big your plants; they aren’t going to be falling to the floor. The class, like many of these creative classes, are held in a creative café. Café’s like Hatch are popping up all over London and are becoming regular haunts for the cities creatives. Workshops and classes are such a good way of meeting people and are perfect if Friday night drinks aren't your thing. It's always a little to talk to people when you've got a mutual activity to talk about as well.


So there we have it, our top picks for macrame classes in London. Now you have no excuse but to thank us by booking a space for every single one of your family and friends via Obby, our wonderful website. If you've never heard of us before (what have you been doing) but we are a website that acts as a creative collective. We're the first of our kind, in the sense that we don't just list workshops and classes but we personally interact, curate and meet with every single one of our teachers to make sure we are offering the best. We want to redefine education in the sense that sometimes the university of life just doesn't cut it, and we weren't taught these amazing skills at school because we were too busy learning the Life of Pi or whatever it was we learned in maths. Either way, you should check out our website, we have classes, courses, and workshops from around the London area, in all sorts of creatives outlets, and now, mindful and meditation as well (because a zen world is a better world.) We hope you love it as much as we do!