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A Minute with the Maker: Real Food by Real People

Our partners are so great it only takes a minute for each of them to convince you of that! In our ‘A Minute with the Maker’ series, we present you one of the incredible hosts on Obby in a minute or less. This week we are looking at our food-ies. Obby has an amazing array of cookery schools on it, tasting sessions and wine pairing classes too so it was hard to pick just three. These lovely ladies have a passion for food, a flawless knowledge, and understanding of their chosen region and a passion for teaching others.

3 Minutes with the Maker: Food & Wine

Anna Spooner

“Spain perhaps is bit of a dark horse. There are so many other re-joins in Spain; I think its fun exploring those. I have a personal passion project for Cava. I absolutely love it”

Anna started off in the marketing industry, but it was the food and wine journalism that got her heart racing. Following a mid 20s crisis, she retrained to make her passion her career. She’s educated in wine that is for certain but she’s got an extra edge to others her field, youth! Anna’s classes are anything but stuffy and she shuns the term sommelier. Delivered from a wine expert, her classes are designed to give you an insight into ‘arguably the most affordable high-quality wine region in Europe’. “Spain isn’t just about Rioja, and Rioja isn’t just about red wines.” Anna takes you on a journey through this beloved country through matching wine and food. It takes place at the Little Taperia, an award winning restaurant in Tooting. Day date, girls day out, or perhaps you’re just missing the season in Spain and fancy a reminder. Amazing food and amazing wine. Does it get better than this?

Meri Rasoi

“The plan was simple – easy to prepare food that could be built into weekly meal plans to provide a nutritious and healthy variety to the entire family.”

Nidhi is an Indian chef who relocated from the homeland to England in 2005. After noticing a lack of authenticity, and a dissapointing lack of vibrancy in British Indian takeaways, ‘Meri Rasoi’, which means ‘My Kitchen’ was founded. With a huge range of customers from artists to children, Nidhi teaches them out of her stunning kitchen in Wimbledon. Returning to real Indian cusine, she teaches you how to cook food you can repeat. Healthy, great ingedients and essentially, the trick to spicing, these classes contain all the factors you might need, to recreate this sought-after cuisine in your own kitchen.

Enrica Rocca

“You will learn a lot from this enthusiastic duo whose passion for sharing good food is inspiring and their teaching style is as seen in a typical Italian home, with lots of chatter over the chopping and the occasional chink of a wine glass being refilled.”

Claire and Charlotte invite you into their beautiful home in Notting Hill to teach you the fine art of Italian, Venetian cooking. The love for cooking has run in their family for years with their mother running the family Palazzo in Venice. Their Italian cooking class starts off at Ladbroke Grove station on a Friday or Saturday morning. First, taking you on a tour of Notting Hill, you visit market stalls and learn how to spot the best ingredients. Then you stop off at an artisan bakery. Then a family butcher, and a sustainable fishmonger. All this before heading back to their airy home to cook up a meal you’ll dream about for weeks. These girls are lively and love food and they invite you into their home and their lives, to teach you, the best of what they know. Their classes are an absolute delight and fabulously good fun, it’s what Enrica Rocca is all about, being “rather fabulously flamboyant”