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5 Reasons You Should Learn to Dance


There are so many reasons why you should learn to dance. Romantic reasons, practical reasons and personality building reasons. Dancing is fun, everyone knows that. Whether it's break-dancing, salsa or ballet that peaks your interest, moving your body to music, making art out of your movements, is considered a glorious talent and is enjoyed by everyone of all abilities. There's a reason the dance floor gets a little more full at a wedding once everyone's politely buzzed. It's because it's addictive, it makes you feel good and it's a great way of bonding with others, whether that be your friends, family or potential love interests.

1. Dance can improve your fitness

The first and most popular reason why you should learn to dance at the moment has to be fitness. Dance has taken a huge surge in popularity because of its fitness benefits. Dancing gets you moving, it's a complete body work out. Especially more intense dances that require using muscles that you wouldn't normally work in your average day to day life. Ballet especially can have huge fitness benefits, helping you achieve a remarkable figure, without feeling like you are spending your life in the gym.

2. It builds your confidence

Dancing has been proven to build your confidence. Obviously, being able to dance builds your confidence on the dance floor at events, such as weddings, parties, and balls, but it can also improve your day to day confidence. Any class with beginners builds confidence, as nobody there knows what they are doing, everyone is there for the first time, and the whole thing is a great experience. You meet new people through dance, especially as you get more into it. You'll meet people at different dance clubs, competitions, and events through dancing, which will all help build your confidence. It can also help you get over stage fright, especially if you are doing a partner or group dance. Aside from all these benefits, dancing helps you get in tune with your body, your inner rhythm and can make you feel sexy, confident and in control, which really shines on the outside! Katie from Obby, who loves dancing says 'Dancing makes me feel confident and invincible. When you have endorphins running through your body and dancing to a great tune it brings out the inner diva, it's great!'

3. Dance has been linked to improving mental health

Extensive research has been put into researching the effect dance has on mental health. The Reach4Dance initiative believes that dance provides a way for patients to drive their emotions and feeling into performance rather than keeping it bottled up. For some people, it works like a therapy. Particularly if you are naturally body responsive, if you like going for a run when you are stressed, or working out makes you feel better in a slump, dancing will be a brilliant way for you to work out stress, steam, and feelings that you may have previously kept inside. Raquel Melim is an Obby customer who loves Salsa. She has been learning Salsa for years and it has become a huge part of her life. She said 'At first, it seemed that the steps were too difficult to learn, however when I got the hang of them I had this feeling of accomplishment, and as I learned one step after another I felt more and more confident. Suddenly it seems you have grown into a more positive person.'

4. Everyone can do it

Dancing is accessible to anyone. There are so many different styles of dance that there is something to suit everyone, no matter your age, music taste or physical ability. Katie from Obby said 'I am not a natural dancer and when I saw a routine that I was supposed to learn I thought that I would never be able to do it, but you would be surprised how easy it can be, once broken down and practiced. I think everyone can definitely dance, it might take you a bit longer than others to pick it up but you will get there in the end.' Reinforcing Katie's words, Raquel Melim, a lover of salsa dancing said, 'I truly believe that anyone can dance. Some people are born with the sense of rhythm and others just have to learn it. As for the dance steps, it is like learning different kinds of movement and techniques. Practice leads to improved performance and "the more you practice, the more you can, the more you want to, the more you enjoy it, the less it tires you.'

4. It's fun!

Overall, after everything is said and done, the main reason you should learn to dance is, it is fun! Any kind of exercise makes you feel amazing, we all know that, but there's something a little more special about dance. It's a social activity, it makes you feel good and there is music involved. Learning anything can be great fun, but dancing in itself, is loved by everyone of all ability's, ages, and we share dance as a love across cultures all over the world.