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Learn pottery from hand-picked incredibly talented teachers in inspiring environments. Obby offers independent teachers a chance to teach pottery from their own studios.

Learn pottery with Odile Cadiot

This is a wheel throwing class. Odile will guide you through how to make a little ceramic bowl in your chosen finish. She even glazes your dish and courier's it to you, which is 5-star service. Odile instantly fell in love with pottery after attending an evening course in Farnham. She found the endless process of creativity and discovery of ideas very engaging and after a few months of classes started her own pottery business. She has now moved to London along with her partner, Kieran, who helps with the business side of their studio.

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Learn pottery with Jo Davies

Another wheel throwing pottery class, but this one has a twist. This specifically designed class is for two people, so is absolutely perfect for those who hate doing things alone, or have a nondetachable partner. Jo Davies is an experienced tutor in ceramics and offers tuition in her studio for wheel-throwing. She is considered an expert in her field and, since graduating from her Ceramics degree in 2002, she has taught a wide range of students - from school groups to undergraduates. She has a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art and fifteen years of professional practice in ceramics so her advice is sought after by people looking to begin their interest in wheel-throwing clay and by those who want to take their knowledge further.

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Learn pottery with Nam Tran

This taster workshop with Nam runs regularly every weekend. People have described it as the boot-camp of pottery workshops, with people thoroughly enjoying the upbeat and exciting nature of these workshops. Nam is extremely sought after in the industry. He is an award-winning practitioner who gives lectures and demos at universities and exhibits internationally. He was also a contestant of The Great Pottery Throwdown. Nam specialises in wheel-thrown raku, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to every object made. Nam's work focused primarily on exploring the physical properties of clay and material experimentation is a strong characteristic of his work.

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Learn pottery with Kerry Hastings

This wheel class is a full day workshop. With it being the full-day you can relax and really take control of the wheel and learn how to use it. Kerry had an incredible style in her own ceramic work and that is reflected in her teaching style. These intimate classes encourage you to not just make something but to do it independently. After these workshops, you'll feel comfortable on the wheel to practice a little more, even by yourself. Kerry Hastings is a professional ceramicist who has been working with clay for over 20 years. She makes both wheel-thrown tableware and hand built sculptural vessels. Her work is stocked in over 25 galleries and shops. She is passionate about her work and carries that passion forward in her teaching to helping others discover, appreciate and enjoy the multi-faceted and diverse world of ceramics.

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