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Guitar Lessons for Beginners


Learning the guitar for the first time can be really difficult. It's very important to get the initial techniques just right, as these will the foundations for the future. These are a selection of beginners classes. The teachers are not only prepared to teach beginners, but they are full of passion and ready to guide you in the right direction.

Beginners Group Guitar Lessons for Children

This beginners guitar group will teach your child the instrument's basic techniques. In a supportive and nurturing environment, students will also be encouraged to work towards their own goals and targets, whatever they might be. Group lessons for up to four students are a fun and sociable way of learning an instrument while also sharing skills. Students are placed together with others of a similar age, ability, confidence and experience with sessions taught in a friendly, informal and inclusive way.

Learn how to shred with AxeGrinderUK

This beginners class will allow you to begin your journey of learning how to play metal guitar! Lee will the basics of guitar theory, as well as the important techniques that will get you playing the metal tracks you love quickly. These lessons are tailored to you, setting you homework and also taking into account your favourite metal artists so you can break down their tracks together.

Beginners Guitar with Udi Glaser

Udi's flexible guitar lessons can be fitted to suit your exact needs. He can teach you anything you'd like to learn - if it's basic chords, or perhaps the songs you always wanted to play. By placing a big focus on correct technique in using the guitar, you will find yourself developing in leaps and bounds. Udi can cover a vast range of guitar styles and genres, such as classical guitar, pop, rock, metal, blues, Spanish guitar, ethnic and world music.

Beginners Guitar Lesson with Aaron Curtis

Technique is like the foundations of a building. It may take some time to develop, but all future progress depends on it. Without a good basic technique, your guitar playing can never sound really good no matter how much you practice. If you've seen a building going up, you might have noticed that clearing the ground and laying foundations is a process that can take some time, and in this time not a lot appears to be happening. Once the foundations are completed though, the building work can progress very quickly. Similarly, once you acquire the basic skills of guitar playing, you can learn the different scales, licks etc without too much trouble. These lessons focus on building the correct techniques, making sure you won't hit any progress snags as you develop your talent.

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Beginners Acoustic Guitar Lessons

It is never too late to start. You just need the determination to succeed. These acoustic guitar lessons will start you off with some basic chords and strumming rhythms, before moving onto fingerstyle, riffs and more advanced techniques as you build up with more sessions. My acoustic guitar lessons will start you off with some basic chords and strumming rhythms, before moving on to fingerstyle, riffs and more advanced techniques. These lessons are taught in a framework of well-known songs and pieces rather than using dry exercises, so they can be really fun.

Beginners Guitar Lessons with Kensington and Chelsea Guitar School

Kensington & Chelsea Guitar School consistently deliver better results and more fun for our students by using advanced teaching techniques and the very best teaching staff. As a beginner taking guitar lessons, you will learn beginner note reading, beginner guitar rhythm, and technique. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, we then explore the different guitar genres available to a guitar player like contemporary, rock, pop, metal, classical, England’s Premier Music Examination Board Exams, musical theatre, jazz, etc.