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Interview with Nik Southern, Founder of Grace and Thorn


Big congratulations are in order to our partner Nik Southern from Grace and Thorn, for the official launch of her new book, ‘How to not kill your plants’.

– Check it out here –

To celebrate we thought we’d give you a sneak peak into the inner workings of the green-fingered mastermind behind it all, Nik Southern.

Obby: Firstly, congratulations on the new book! How does it feel to have your words down on paper for the world to see?

Nik: It feels great! I’ve been working on this book for a long time and it’s amazing to see it finally in print. It’s been a while but now it has all come together.

Obby: It was only 6 years ago you quit your job and Grace and Thorn was born. Where did you work before?


Nik: I worked in IT recruitment for 13 years. I think coming from a corporate background has helped me be a bit more business savvy, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak. I am constantly having ideas for new businesses, but it was this one that really grabbed me.

Obby: We’re glad it did! Is there something in particular you think attracted you to creating your own business?

Nik: Definitely the want to be more hands-on, with Grace and Thorn I have the ability to be more creative and ultimately, I get to be my own boss!

Obby: Now floristry has become your job do you have any other hobbies that you pursue?

Nik: When I get the chance, I love a bit of yoga, swimming and walking my dogs.

Obby: When did you decide to start teaching? Was it your intention when you opened Grace and Thorn?

Nik: No, not at all but because I’ve created a very specific style, I had to develop a teaching method to train people in it. We had lots of customers asking about our techniques and it seemed to make sense to offer workshops for those who were interested.


Obby: What’s the most exciting event you have done with Grace and Thorn?

Nik: Our own event that we threw last year – ‘Jungle is massive’. We curated it from start to finish and it was a real team effort. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase everyone’s creativity and perfectly depicted what we’re all about.

Obby: Do you have a favourite class on Obby, outside of your own of course!?

Nik: I recently went on one of the jewellery courses for my birthday, and thought it was great!

Obby: Any big plans for the future we should watch out for?

Nik: Well, I’ve always dreamt of having an urban garden centre – something that’s really nicely curated and with a lovely cafe!

Obby: Thanks, Nik, definitely something we’ll be keeping an eye out for!

For tips on 'how to not kill your plants', check out Nik’s exciting new book!

Or if you fancy getting your hands dirty, take a look at the Obby courses with Grace and Thorn!