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Evening Classes London


Evening classes in London are a fantastic way to use your time, but it doesn't have to be a daunting 'back-to-school' experience. Evening classes for adults have often been a representation of people trying to find time to study whilst also working. However, with the rise of the ever-curious, millennial generation, people are searching for new ways to spend their evenings. You no longer have to go to a university campus after hours to learn something new. There is a current rise of evening classes in London taught by genuine craftspeople, artists, people who are in the industry and looking to make some extra money on the side. You can take evening classes with artists in their studios,

Long gone are the days we would spend hour-upon-hour in the pub on an evening. Evening classes are perfect, usually accompanied with a little glass of bubbles and if, you're lucky, a homemade cake, for an evening with friends, a date or to get to know new work colleagues. There is something so steadying about engaging your hands while you make conversation, watching where the conversation goes when you are all working on learning a common skill. Evening classes can range from anything from painting, to dance classes, cooking to wine tasting. There is always something for everyone unless you're an expert in everything already! 🤨

Take an evening class in drawing (no naked bodies in sight)

Life drawing classes are brilliant if you an avid artist, but they aren't for everyone, and can often be quite serious. Drink & Draw in Brixton is an evening class in drawing perfectly crafted for a social evening. Unwind with creative games to melt the ice as you move on to learning the topic of the evening. Topics you might cover include portraiture, ink drawing, perspective, art pencil drawing and more. The theme of the class changes regularly so even if you've been before you'll have the chance to try something new.

Every Thursday in Brixton at 7pm

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Try an evening class in sourdough pizza making

Sourdough pizza pleases everyone and what better place to learn how to make it than E5 bakehouse? This beautiful, rustic and homely baking school specialises in sourdough goodness. The E5 Bakehouse is an East London artisan bakery and coffee shop. They are passionate about sourdough and the lost traditions of our baking ancestors, encouraging all students to drink beer and sit down to a huge meal after you've cooked your pizza. These evening classes are a great, social way to learn how to perfect sourdough pizza bases.

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Take an evening class and make a silver ring

This workshop with J&J workshops is a 3-hour boot-camp into jewellery making. You'll learn the skills used in Silversmithing, including annealing, hammering, stamping, filing and finishing. Don't know what those words mean? You will after taking this workshop! The lovely hosts Jodie and Jordanne are incredible at what they do and both very talented jewellers themselves. They'll make you feel at home while filling your head with loads of ideas about jewellery and Silversmithing. You'll walk away with a ring that you've made, and a head full of inspiration.

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Take an evening class in pottery and make your own mug

This hand building pottery class with Odile walks you through the basics of making your very own mug. There's a huge range of designs for you to choose from, for both the handle and the mug itself, meaning you can create exactly what you would like. It also teaches you the very basics of slab building pottery techniques. This is the perfect class for someone who just wants to dip their toe into the idea of pottery but also have the confidence they can create something useable.

Friday evenings 6.30pm

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