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Embrace Winter: Winter Workshops on Obby


Embrace winter and the creativity it brings with Obby, Bezalel Workshops & The Makers Studio

It’s become very circumstantial of us to accept winter as being the hibernation part of the year. We immediately think woolly blankets, sock, and jumpers but apart from dread, winter doesn’t instill much emotion in us as a generation. 'Batton down the hatches Britain, the cold weather is coming', a headline we are all too familiar with. However, do we ever stop to appreciate the beauty of winter as a season? Like all of the worlds many creations, winter is beautiful in its own right. It may be cold, but there isn’t a slower and more silent time of the year. The summer months have been and gone, and with the settling snow, we reach a level of calm, quiet and slowness. Perhaps its time as a nation we learn to embrace winter rather than shy away from it, we just have to find the right balance.

We’re working with Bezalel Workshops to promote their special curated workshop event titled “Embracing Winter” over the weekend of Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th of November 2017. The girls behind Bezalel have found incredible teachers to put on a series of workshops and discussions to explore the challenges and inspirations that the season winter brings.


Intended to attempt to lure us out of hibernation, away from the fire and inspire our creativity at a time when we tend to go inside ourselves, these workshops tease various benefits out of the winter months. How can we embrace these winter seasons and confront their challenges, tensions and disappointments head on?

All the workshops are taking place alongside our other partners, The Makers Studio, in their light bathed, a stunning studio in Shadwell Basin, London. The Makers Studio, based in the beautiful Grade II* listed building of SPS House, Shadwell, East London offers varied creative workshops to inspire everyone to live creatively, every day. The studio was launched by Ally, in the summer of 2017, knowing that weaving creativity into daily life can be hard. Especially in the midst of busy working weeks and the bustle of city life, Ally wanted to create an atmosphere of possibility. The perfect collaboration for these workshops, this crafting haven amongst the city of London is a beautiful place to spend your evenings and an enticing community to be a part of.


The Embracing Winter Timetable

Ethical ​Beauty:​ ​Embracing​ ​Care with Francesca Willow Saturday 18th November 10am-12pm

Ethical fashion blogger Francesca Willow will be running a workshop demonstrating how to make natural beauty remedies at home, including lip balms, body scrubs and moisturiser. The workshop will also explore how we can care for both ourselves and the planet in our day-to-day living.


Calligraphy​ ​:​ ​Embracing​ ​Balance with Maria Mueller Saturday 18th November 1:30pm-4:30pm

Modern calligrapher Maria Mueller will be teaching a workshop exploring balance in calligraphy. Maria will lead the class through warm-up exercises and on to forming letters and words, focusing in particular on finding the rhythm at which to write, applying the right amount of pressure and ink.


Handspinning​ ​:​ ​Embracing​ ​Slow with Jessica Mason Sunday 19th November 10:30am-1:30pm

Handspinner and natural dyer Jessica Mason will be teaching you how to spin your own yarn from raw sheep’s fleece. The workshop will be structured around the slowness of the process, encouraging you to slow down, listen to your body and be present.


These events can all be booked separately and for as many people as you want. Don't forget, if this is your first class, to use your code FIRSTSTEP to get £10 OFF.. Don't forget, whatever the weather, or the season, never stop learning!

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