If you have built a website for your bookings business, the chances are you have probably heard of Wix. With more than 200 million users worldwide, this website builder is incredibly popular.

The main reason this website builder is used by millions of users is because Wix gives businesses the tools they need to create their own website from scratch.

Is Wix good for bookings businesses?

Yes, Wix is a good option for businesses that need to accept and manage bookings online. As well as providing a comprehensive website builder, Wix also makes it possible to take bookings from your business website either with their own booking system Wix Bookings or via a third party booking platform like us here at Baluu.

Wix can be used to build a website for many different bookings businesses. From class bookings and group events to private appointments, Wix can help you build you build a complete business website.

Does Wix have a booking system?

Yes, Wix does have a booking system which can be used to take bookings on any website build with Wix. Wix Bookings is a booking platform owned by Wix and is an online scheduling tool.

However, it is important note that Wix Bookings can only be used on websites built with Wix. Other booking systems such as Baluu and SimplyBook.me can embed with any website infrastructure.

If you want to take bookings only from your Wix website, then Wix Bookings is a good fit for your needs. Although, if you want to take bookings from other platforms or website not built with Wix, then a booking system like Baluu may be a better choice.

How can I install a booking system into my Wix website?

There is more than one way you can use a booking system on your Wix website. One of the easiest ways to install a booking software into your website is to use a booking system that can plugin to Wix.

The Wix App Market is a library of apps and tools which can be used with your Wix website. Many booking systems that plugin to your Wix website can be installed straight from the Wix App Market.

Many powerful booking systems that are unavailable on the Wix App Market can instead be embedded into your Wix website.

Wix provides integration tools which make embedding your booking page as an iFrame or a button extremely simple and straightforward.

Can I take bookings on my Wix website for free?

Yes, there are booking systems out there that make it possible to take bookings made on your Wix website for free.

Booking systems that embed into your Wix website often offer businesses a free plan as well as a selection of paid plan options. Also, it's free to install Wix Bookings into your website from the Wix App Market.

To explore the pricing, pros and cons of the top 5 best Wix booking systems, keep reading

We have put together an outline of the pricing, pros and cons of the top 5 best Wix booking systems. Keep reading to find out which Wix booking system is suitable for your Wix website and your business.

Top 5 Best Wix Booking Systems:

  1. Baluu
  2. Wix Bookings
  3. Schedulista
  4. Online Scheduling by Vcita
  5. SimplyBook.me

1. Baluu

Best for: creating a completely customised and effortless booking experience that embeds into your Wix website

Baluu is a powerful all-in-one booking system that can easily embed into your Wix website. With Baluu, you can list classes, events and products on your website, build a branded booking experience for your clients and safely take online payments.

Although Baluu cannot be used as a plugin on your Wix website, with the simple integration tools Wix provides, embedding this booking system into your Wix website is simple.

How does Baluu work?

Once you have got set up with Baluu, you will have access to the user-friendly Baluu dashboard. Within the dashboard, you can manage every aspect of your bookings business.

Keep track of your schedule, list group events, accept private bookings, create discounts, manage your team and so much more.

As well as tracking income, accessing valuable marketing tools and managing schedules, businesses can also build a branded booking page that can be embedded onto their Wix website.

Anna Kosa embedded Baluu into their Wix website

Once you have created a booking page which lists your activities and reflects your brand, you can use the user-friendly integration tools Wix provides to embed your booking page onto your Wix website.

Wix has built-in integration tools which mean businesses can seamlessly embed the Baluu booking page into their website, without the need for any coding.

Anna Kosa has also embedded Baluu onto the homepage of her Wix website

After you have embedded Baluu into your Wix website, whenever customers or clients make a booking you can manage every aspect of their booking in the Baluu dashboard. View upcoming bookings, make changes to an event, send automated booking reminders and manage your income all in one place.

Want to know more about how you can use Baluu on you Wix website? Book a free demo call to speak to a friendly member of the Baluu team.

See more @ Baluu.co.uk


Baluu gives businesses the choice to pay yearly or monthly on any of their paid plans. Small businesses may sign up to Baluu's free plan, while growing businesses may choose one of Baluu's affordable paid plan options.

Image via https://www.baluu.co.uk/pricing


  • Baluu has customisation tools which allow you to use your business logo, colours and images.
  • This booking system can seamlessly embed into your existing Wix website.
  • Get a dedicated account manager who will help you every step of the way.
  • As well as taking bookings for events, classes and activities, Baluu also has robust eCommerce tools which make it possible to sell products on your Wix website.
  • Created an straightforward booking experience for your clients and customise their booking journey.
  • Set discounts and access other useful marketing tools.
  • Send automated booking reminders and gather reviews with automated review requests.


  • Baluu cannot be used as a plugin on your Wix website. However, embedding this booking system into your Wix website is very simple and easy.
  • Although Baluu is compatible with many devices, Baluu does not yet have an app.

2. Wix Bookings

Best for: business owners with little tech experience looking for a simple integration process.

Wix Bookings is an online scheduling and booking system. This software gives you the tools to bookings for group events as well as one-to-one appointments. Sell memberships, send reminders, manage your schedule and more with Wix Bookings.

Think Wix Bookings is the best booking system for your business? This software can be installed onto your website directly from the Wix App Market for free.


Installing Wix Bookings onto your website is free which makes this booking system small business friendly. However, to accept bookings you must be signed up to a Wix Business Premium Plan.

Image via https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website


  • Wix Bookings can be easily installed from the Wix App Market which makes this booking system a good fit for those with little tech experience.
  • Send SMS text and email reminders to your customers about their booking.
  • This booking system allows you to monitor customer booking history, payments and more.
  • Use the Wix dashboard to manage your schedule and outline your working hours.
An example of Wix Bookings' capabilities


  • Although this booking system is free to install, Wix Bookings has received a low rating of just 3.6 stars on the Wix App Market.
  • Some businesses have found that the customer service team at Wix Bookings is poor and very slow.
  • Users have also found that the customer facing side of the software is clunky and confusing.
  • Businesses using Wix Bookings find that this software offer limited customisation tools.

3. Schedulista

Best for: managing bookings on the go with Schedulista mobile app.

Schedulista is an online scheduling system designed to take booking and organise appointments. Give your customers the freedom to book an appointment 24/7 on your website or Facebook page.

Integrating this booking system is effortless. Businesses with a Wix website can simply add this booking system to their website straight from the Wix App Market.


Schedulista has three paid plans for businesses to choose from. This scheduling system has a 15 day free trial which gives businesses the chance to explore this software before signing up to a paid plan.

Image via https://www.schedulista.com/


  • Take bookings for one-to-one appointments and group events.
  • Gather customer information with custom fields during the booking journey.
  • Schedulista can sync with your Google Calendar.
  • This scheduling software have a mobile app which will help you take care of admin and run your business on the go.
  • Build a customised booking page with your businesses branding that can integrate into your Wix website or Facebook page.
An example of Schedulista's booking tools


  • Schedulista does not have a free plan available for small businesses.
  • Like Wix Bookings, this software has been given a low rating of 3.6 stars on the Wix App Market.
  • Users find that their customers struggle to reschedule their booking.
  • Businesses have also found that the Schedulista scheduling page looks dated.

4. Online Scheduling by Vcita

Best for: keeping track of client booking requests made on your Wix website.

Online Scheduling by Vcita is a scheduling software which makes it possible for clients to book appointments through your Wix website. As well as taking bookings, this scheduling system also helps you automate your time consuming admin.

This scheduling app is available within the Wix App Market. This means adding this scheduling system to your website is very straightforward.


This scheduling software has three paid plans to choose from as well as one paid plan. Online Scheduling by Vcita also gives businesses the option to pay yearly or monthly.

Image via https://www.wix.com/app-market/online-scheduling


  • Online Scheduling by Vcita is affordable and offers businesses a free plan.
  • Sync with your iCal or Google Calendar to keep track of your schedule.
  • Send automated reminder emails and access client communication tools.
  • This scheduling system will ensure you get an email notification each time a client makes a booking request.


  • Many users have complained that the Online Scheduling by Vcita app often does not load.
  • Only businesses on the higher paid plans can create coupons.
  • Users find that the support Online Scheduling by Vcita offers is very poor.
  • Some users have found that this software is confusing and difficult to use.

5. SimplyBook.me

Best for: service providers who take bookings for appointments and group classes.

SimplyBook.me is a booking system that is especially useful for service providers. From private hair and beauty appointments to group exercise classes, with SimplyBook.me your clients can book your services directly on your Wix website.

Like Baluu, SimplyBook.me cannot be found in the Wix App Market. Although SimplyBook.me cannot be installed from the Wix App Market, it is still possible to embed SimplyBook.me as a HTML iFrame into your Wix website.


SimplyBook.me has a selection of paid plans to choose from. This booking system also has a free plan for small businesses to make the most of.

Image via https://simplybook.me/en/pricing


  • The SimplyBook.me booking widget can be customised to fit your brand.
  • SimplyBook.me gives you the ability to charge an upfront deposit when clients make a booking.
  • Give your clients the opportunity to sign up to waiting lists for sold out events.
  • Collect essential client information with customised intake forms.
  • This booking system has an admin app which allows you to manage your business from anywhere.
An example of SimplyBook.me's booking tools


  • Users find that the SimplyBook.me admin app is very poor.
  • Some businesses have found that the customer booking experience is hard to navigate.
  • Many users have found that SimplyBook.me is difficult to use.
  • Adding custom features to plans is confusing and complicated.

*All pricing outlined in this article was accurate to the best of our knowledge and soured from the aforementioned website's pricing page at the time of writing (22/06/2022).

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We have reviewed the pricing, pros and cons of the top 5 best Wix booking systems: Baluu, Wix Bookings, Schedulista, Online Scheduling by Vcita and SimplyBook.me. We hope our analysis has helped you find the right booking system for your Wix website.