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Beginners Piano Lessons


The piano, what a versatile instrument. When you think of music lessons, you find your mind drifting towards the piano. It's a classic instrument that has been interpreted in use through so many different genres and styles, including jazz, blues, and pop. As a beginner, however, running your hands over the keys to try and produce a music note can seem impossible. All these classes are suited for beginners, with teachers who not only have experience to teach first-timers but they have the patience and the passion to take you to an intermediate level.

Beginners Classical Piano Lesson with Maria Grapsa

These piano classes are for either children or adults. Maria has great teaching skills and a fun and encouraging approach. She teaches classical, jazz or pop/rock music or combination of different genres, depending on the interests of her students and the goals they set together. Maria organises frequently workshops and concerts, where her students can expand their musical knowledge and develop their performance skills. Her involvement in acting, dancing, and improv play enriches her multiple artistic skills and inspires her to create imaginative music workshops.

Play Basic Piano with East London Piano

This piano class is suitable for both absolute beginners and those returning to music after a long break (perhaps not tinkling the keys since they were a child!) East London piano is a well-established, much-respected institution that puts a great deal of thought into the content of its courses. Tutors are all experienced, talented musicians who have trained at some of the most respected music schools in the UK and beyond. Many remain active on the concert scene. The Play Basic piano class is exclusively tailored to meet the needs of adult learners, with all course materials prepared specifically for this purpose. Students are encouraged to work with tutors in devising a unique programme of study that meets their individual goals.

Beginners Piano Lessons with Valentina Pravodelov

Valentina Pravodelov is a striking young artist with a passion for performing and teaching. Gifted in both piano and singing, she has performed in numerous solo recitals, chamber music concerts, and orchestral performances. Valentina's one-to-one piano classes for adult learners are designed for absolute beginners or those who may have been put off the instrument at an early age due to outdated teaching methods. As a piano teacher, Valentina works hard to ensure that her students are happy, motivated and learning at all times. She offers a bespoke service, with each lesson designed for the individual student according to their needs and interests and using a variety of teaching strategies.

Beginners Classical Piano Lessons with the London Piano Institute

The London Piano Institute specialises in teaching beginners classical piano and musical theory. As the underlying genre for all music, once understood classical can be the key to grasping all others. In these classes, you will receive expert instruction from a master pianist in a relaxed environment. You'll get a complete musical education which includes technical exercises, music theory, sight reading and much more! Starting to learn the instrument is easier with classical piano, as it better teaches you how to read notes. Branching out into a different genre afterward is then decidedly more simple with a classical playing ability. These classes will be your introduction to the music of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, and Schoenberg.

Beginners Jazz Piano Lessons with the London Piano Institute

Have you always wanted to learn how to play jazz piano? Do you want to discover the secrets of jazz harmonies and improvisation? The intricacies of creating jazz cords and playing them successfully on the piano can't be learned from a book. These beginners classes, suitable for adults only, will introduce you to the limitless possibilities of this amazing genre and instrument. The London Piano Institute know how to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the shortest possible time. In a fun, informal environment, dedicated tutors will bring the endless joy of jazz chords and improvisation into your life.

Beginners Piano Lessons with Yi-Shing Cheng

Learn from a master pianist in a relaxed and welcoming environment. In this piano class you'll be taken through all of the piano fundamentals, like which keys are which and how to construct a chord. Over time you will gradually learn how to read sheet music and interpret notes on the sheet into playing. You will also get to know the anatomy of the piano, how to play scales and how to find the right octave. This class is for complete beginners and all you need to bring with you are feet and fingers. You'll learn to play some of your favourite songs and get all your friends around the piano belting out some anthems!