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Ballet Classes for Adults


Ballet classes for adults are an extremely popular 'movement' at the moment, and not just with people who loved ballet as a child. Adult ballet classes are so different from the ballet classes you'll remember from your youth. They aren't as pressured, and although the structure is the same the outcome at 25 years of age, instead of 5, isn't a professional career. At 25 your window is closed for professional ballet and instead, it becomes fun, good for your body and figure and great for your social life. Why should you take adult ballet classes? We take a look into some of the reasons you should think about reliving this particular childhood dream.

Improve your posture

Terrible posture? Adult ballet classes can help with this, improving your 'shoulders back' mindset. Contemporary ballet introduction with Julian Lewis focuses on improving your posture, by working on your balance and overall fitness.

Get fit

Ballet is fantastic as a workout. You are straining your muscles and your body in ways you wouldn't naturally with gym workouts. Beginners Ballet with Angelina Jandolo is a sustained workout for everyone involved, as they keep the classes at a sustained pace, so there isn't room for slacking. Ballet is also a cheap way to get fit, at classes starting at £8.50 a class, ballet is a cheaper way to get into shape than yoga, or a gym membership.

Learn something new

Ballet is a beautiful, graceful form of dance that uses your entire body. It pushes you in ways other dance won't and can be extremely hard-work. Why not learn something brand new?

Be social

Ballet classes are always intimate, with only a few people attending. They are a great way to meet people, who like you, are looking for something new to do. If you attend a beginners class, you'll all be at the same level, so it's a nice bonding experience, all being as terrible as each other. It's also nice growing together, developing a new passion all at the same stage.

So, are you curious? What's the worst that can happen? You're a grown-up, after all, if you really hate it you can pack up your tutu and take to the door never to look back. We're sure you won't want to though. Here's to a new twinkle-toes version of you!

We understand your ballet classes jitters, that's why we squeeze out all the information out of our teachers, so you don't have to. Read about your teacher on our site before you book, see pictures of the class in action and read an in-depth description of the class, including its structure, whether it's for fitness or fun and other perks the class might include! Find a ballet class that suits you.